Frequently Asked Questions

Need quick help? Here are a few common questions to help you use our website. If your question cannot be answered here, feel free to contact us.

General Website Questions

  1. What is Hire My Ride?

    Hire My Ride is a website that allows you to search, view, list, enquire and make a booking on ANY type of “ride” (cars, bikes, boats, buses, planes, etc.) for ANY type of event or occasion, Australia wide! We are NOT a hire company, we are an online platform that allows hire companies and private owners to list their rides and connect with thousands of users with events.

  2. What is considered a Ride?

    A “ride” is any type of motor vehicle such as: Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Boats, Planes, Helicopters, etc.

  3. How do I hire a ride?

    Its very easy, 1st you search our website for the type of ride you are after for your event. Click to view the details of the ride and then simply make and enquiry using the form to see if the ride is available. Then leave it to us to check and get back to you. If you are happy with the price simply pay the small connection fee and thats it. For more info go to How It Works

  4. How can I change the details of a booking?

    Once a booking is made through our website you will have all the contact details of the owner / operator of the vehicle. You can simply call them to arrange any changes.

  5. Can we drive the rides ourselves?

    No, all rides listed are driven by the owner/operator only, unless the owner/operator permits.

  6. What are the fees and charges to use the site?

    It is completely FREE to search the site for rides and make enquries. Once you are ready to make a booking you will need to pay the small connection fee. For more info go to Pricing and Payments

Ride Owners Questions

  1. How much does it cost to list my ride on the HMR website?

    A standard listing on is FREE. We have other options to enhance your listing to help gain more exposure on our site. For more info go to Pricing and Payments

  2. How and where will my ride be placed on the website?

    Standard listings are positioned randomly on the website to make it fair for all ride owners. If selecting an enhanced listing your ride will appear toward the top of the website in a more prominent position over a standard listing. Featured listings will get you a randomly generated position on the home page.

  3. How do I manage my listings and/or bookings?

    Ride owners can manage their ride listings or bookings via the 'Login' section. We have created an easy to use login area that will help you manage yoru bookings, your calendar and your ride details. Simply click here to try the demo

  4. How can I increase my bookings?

    Bookings can be increased in a number of ways, below are some of the most beneficial... - Pictures are very important, the quality and amount of pictures can improve your enquires/bookings (remember the first thing people see are pictures).
    - Inclusion of accurate and fair pricing on website. A good idea is to look at other rides of similar style.
    - Your prompt reply to all enquiries.
    - Keeping your calendar up to date.

  5. What contact details are displayed on the website?

    Your contact details are never displayed on our website.

  6. Is there a fee for using the SMS feature?

    A: There is no fee for the SMS feature, although SMS is only available on enhanced listings. The SMS feature is not available on standard listings.

  7. How quickly do you reply to support emails

    A: We endeavour to answer all support emails within 24 - 48 hours.

  8. What do the colours mean on the calendar?

    A: Colour description below:
    - Full red box: The ride is booked for the whole day
    - Half red box: The ride is booked for half the day
    - Grey box: The ride is not available
    - White box: Your selected day for hire

  9. How do I load my photos on to the website?

    Select 'Add Your Ride' on the home page of the Website. Fill in your details then select 'Add Your Ride details'. This will take you to the next page, fill in the details then select 'Select Files'. This will take you to your computer hard drive where you can search and select your desired photos.

  10. What happens when my advanced or premium listing expires?

    A: When your advanced or premium listing expires you will revert back to a standard listing.

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